How to Write a Good Reaction Paper

Do you want to know how to write a good reaction paper? This article will guide you to achieve your aim. Your present knowledge, combined with the new ideas you will learn from this article, would be useful.

A reaction paper helps you explain your position or opinion to an audience. It involves the expression of your thoughts or viewpoint on a topic. You are also required to make your conclusion on the matter.

Useful Tips on Writing a Reaction Paper

It is important to note that your job is not to sweep your tutors off their feet. It is to exhibit your analytical skills and how effective you are in communicating your opinion. Therefore, your research and analysis skills are being tested.

Your reaction paper consists of few parts. The introduction supplies information on the writer and the topic you are discussing. The author recommended by your instructor should be the primary source. You should start with an outline before writing. In this paper, you can quote directly.

Parts of a Reaction Paper

You discuss the topic and your personal opinion on this part. Extract and address the main problem in relation to the effects on modern society. Come up with a firm argument and compare it with those of the writer.

In writing your reaction paper, your primary source must be studied carefully. Take notes and think about them. Write a clear thesis statement with one sentence and build upon it. You can also consult other sources.

Reaction Paper Errors You Must Avoid

Just like every other research work, a reaction paper has its format. Some mistakes a reaction paper writer should avoid are:

  1. You are to analyze the source material and build your own opinion and not summarize it.
  2. Don't use unreliable and unrelated examples.
  3. You are not obligated to see things the way the author sees them. You are expected to come up with your opinion.

Format and Outline For Reaction Paper

For any kind of writing, following its format is not negotiable. You can write your outline on another sheet.

Your outline helps keep you in check as you write. It also helps your writing flow from one paragraph to the other and manages your information.

A reaction paper is also made up of the introduction, body, and conclusion, and the citations and materials sourced.

How to write Parts of a Reaction Paper

The opening is essential because it is the first contact with the reader. Therefore, the introduction should be captivating as you present your view. The introduction should be concise and straight to the point.

The body of the research paper contains your main work. Your argument must be clear and supported by reliable facts. The facts must also help your main points and be cited appropriately.

In the concluding part, the thesis statement is restated. The research paper writer must also resist the temptation of adding new information. Just a re-emphasis of your idea.

A reaction paper is one of the types of writing that you might be required to write at one point in time or the other. With the tips we have provided above, you can write a good reaction paper.

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