50 Interesting History Research Paper Topics for College Students

History is rigid. We cannot change whatever happened yesterday or centuries ago. It gives us an insight into how the present came to be. It can be argued that historians understand the present better than anyone else.

However, history has often been misrepresented, and there is need for thorough research to ensure that you don’t mislead your readers. This is why history research paper topics should be chosen with prudence. The history topics should be carefully crafted to keep in line with past facts.

Fortunately, there is no shortage of ideas when it comes to choosing world history research paper topics.

How to Choose the Ideal Topic for Your History Research Paper

The topic should be determined by the given prompt. If, however, the decision is yours to make and the history research paper is open-ended, then take your time to come up with the most interesting one that can come to mind. Keep your history research topics narrow so that your content can be concise. It is also recommendable to choose interesting history topics that will captivate you and get you to do your best.

There are also many niches to choose from. You may choose to research about historical events in the each of the continents, or simply narrow it down to one notable figure such as Egypt’s Pharaoh. Remember, however, that your choice should be interesting to you.

A list of 50 viable and interesting history research paper topics

  1. Independence of African countries
  2. How’s Martin Luther King’s speech relevant in today’s American society?
  3. Cold war potential effects on today’s politics and economy
  4. Does slavery of the African Americans in the past influence racial disparities?
  5. What’s outstanding about the prominent queens of ancient Egypt?
  6. Can Japanese economic wonder be repeated?
  7. Was America colonized? Who colonized the nation, and how did it happen?
  8. How Hitler achieved the position of Chancellor of Germany?
  9. The Atom bomb effects in Nagasaki and Hiroshima
  10. The emergence of China Civil War and its significant events
  11. Causes of Arab-Israel wars
  12. How was the establishment of Malaysia a success?
  13. Margret Thatcher achievements as a female first prime minister of Britain
  14. President Roosevelt’s achievements
  15. Influencing factors for World War I
  16. What are the outstanding differences between World War I and II
  17. Why was Japan successful in defeating Russia
  18. How did the lost colony of Roanoke establish permanent English settlement?
  19. Why and how did the Jonestown Massacre happen? Can it recur?
  20. The history of Pope Gregory and the black plague
  21. Outstanding historical encounters during Nellie Bly’s trip around the world
  22. Why Sultana explosions remains to be the worst maritime disaster?
  23. What is exercise Tyga “D-Day attack on Normandy” imply?
  24. The world’s baffling Tunguska event
  25. The aftermaths of the bombings of the Wall Street
  26. How the Zimmerman telegram influenced world war?
  27. The impacts of the Sherman Antitrust Act on US politics and economy
  28. How did Lusitania influence the US to become a global superpower?
  29. An account of Martin Luther King’s assassination?
  30. How did the PATCO strike weaken the labor union powers?
  31. What influenced the September 11 attacks? What are the potential risks of its recurrence?
  32. How did the surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown change America?
  33. Impacts of Monroe’s doctrine on national address system?
  34. An account on the discovery of gold at Sutter’s Mill in 1848
  35. The purchase of Alaska
  36. The impact of the Trinity test on World War II
  37. Which US borders attract highest disputes? Why?
  38. Korean War
  39. Influence of Buddhism on the Chinese empire
  40. The construction of the cathedrals
  41. Operation of the feudal system
  42. How did the African tribal culture emerge?
  43. What influenced Arab’s invasion in Spain?
  44. How reform bills changed America
  45. Does America’s history reoccur in today’s politics?
  46. The account on the King Faisal assassination in Saudi Arabia
  47. The founding of Rome
  48. What influenced drug racing in the US?
  49. Why health reform strategies never work?
  50. Impacts of Hugo’s appointment to the justice system

History is an interesting subject that is interesting to write about. The topics are so many - you can write about a person or a historical event. Make sure you have carried enough research before writing a paper. This will ensure that you write informative content that will be interesting to readers. To get professional help, we advise you to visit MyPaperWriter.

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50 History Research Paper Topics

History is rigid. We cannot change whatever happened yesterday or centuries ago. It gives us an insight...