50 Great Science Research Topics for College Students

Science is a broad subject that promises to become even broader. There are so many research paper topics ideas that you will be spoilt for choice. Whichever field you are in, you are bound to find uncharted territory with a viable science research paper topic. This is why you should be keen when choosing your science research papers topics.

It is important to be specific when choosing scientific research paper topics. If you are too ambitious, you will pick a topic that doesn’t have much research to go with. If, on the other hand, you are timid, your research paper will not be worth much.

Choosing a science research paper topic

Before coming up with a topic for your science research paper, you should narrow down on your interests. Working on something that you are passionate about will be easier as you will be eager to learn more. Once you narrow down on viable science research topics, you can proceed to conduct some light research to determine whether you are up to the task.

Here is a list of 50 interesting science topics that will make for excellent research papers.

Physics and Astronomy

  1. What are the actual ideas on the origins of astronomy?
  2. What techniques can help determine the presence of water in other planets?
  3. How does solar activity affect the health status of human beings?
  4. Is space science important? What are the contributions of space programs on scientific development?
  5. How real is Higgs Boson? What is its potential impact on the universe?
  6. What’s the safety status of earth from strikes by large asteroids?
  7. Is human life safer on space or other planets other than earth?


  1. Should vaccination be a compulsory national exercise? Why?
  2. Is homosexuality possible in other than humans? What causes homosexuality in other species?
  3. What adaptations influence human beings to walk on two legs and not four legs?
  4. Why do human babies develop slowly compared to other mammal species?
  5. What causes organ transplant rejection in some bodies?
  6. What are the adverse impacts of sunburn on skin health?
  7. How can molecular biology help improve cancer patients health status?


  1. Is human cloning ethical? Should it be legalized?
  2. How do drugs and addictive substances affect one’s genes?
  3. Does genetic science influence obesity issues?
  4. Is it possible to recover dinosaur’s DNA? If yes, how?
  5. How does genetics science improve intellectual disability?
  6. Can gene mutation help address the problem of HIV?
  7. Can humans control the sex of a baby before birth?
  8. What is the difference between artificial insemination and ordinary pregnancy?
  9. Can human personality improve through genetics science?

Healthcare Science

  1. What are the impacts of stem science technology on cancer? Does it cause or cure cancer?
  2. Is acne genetic? How can you prevent it?
  3. Why are more antibiotics intake a health crisis?
  4. How do you tell that anxiety is too much and requires medical attention?
  5. How does stem cell research impact the quality of human health?
  6. Is cancer curable? Which types of cancer are curable?
  7. Can scientists predict the next pandemic before the invasion?
  8. Is Chinese traditional medical technique effective than western medicine?
  9. How does weight affect one’s life span?
  10. Is it possible to develop anti-cancer vaccine?

Robotics and Computer science

  1. A world without technology
  2. How will robots improve quality of life?
  3. What are the modern revolutions in health influenced by science?
  4. What’s next after the self-driving cars?
  5. Is routine colonoscopy safe? How do robots improve surgical results?
  6. Can human beings develop robots smarter than human beings?

Environment and Ecology

  1. Is the US approval of the “killer mosquitoes” a good idea in fighting diseases?
  2. What are the potential risks of the black rat the worldwide invasive species
  3. How can Radon radioactive gas be controlled?
  4. Which are the highly endangered species in the world? Why?
  5. Can humanity save coral reefs?
  6. Is the ozone hole healing?

Nanotechnology science research topics

  1. What is the impact of “smart clothes” on medical patients?
  2. Can nanotechnology science integrate DNA to improve quality of life?
  3. Is human life span possible to expand with nanotechnology?
  4. Impact of nanotechnology in the regulation of CO2 emissions and toxic wastes
  5. What is the result of nanotechnology on health?

The aforementioned topics are some of the greatest topics in science. You can select one of the topics, carry out research and write a great paper. Seek more advice from your supervisor or colleague in order to come up with a paper that will fetch you good grade, or buy thesis online.

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